The Nerds and Starks Episode

IT WAS ENDGAME WEEK! As you may or may not know, the 2 Broke Twimbos have been anticipating the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame with no doubt the same excitement that you, our listeners, wait for each new episode of this podcast. Right? Riiiiiiight?? In this new episode of your 14,000,605th favourite podcast, Dan & Phil take a deep DEEP dive into the world’s most anticipated movie of all time, after they both got to watch it multiple times. So naturally, SPOILER ALERT! if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet.

The Blaqs Episode

An award-winning podcast with award winning guests, the penniless pair continue blazing the way forward with a brand new episode cooked together with too much curry but not enough sugar, resulting in this disturbing but strangely addictive taste in your mouth! Outstanding Music Video Of The Year NAMA winner Vusa Hlatshwayo, better known as the director Blaqs sat with us

The Ga Ga Ga Episode

ComradesAndFriendsWeAreInAHurryNgatiiteGaGaGaTibayeHatisikuitaZvemaFunniesPanapa! In a fresh new episode of the only podcast in the country more expensive than bread, Dan & Phil give their uniquely 2-Broke-Twimbian take on the week’s events, especially taking time to review the 2019 NAMA Awards

The Crossover Episode with King Kandoro

In a cosmic coming-together that shattered the very foundations of twimbo reality, King Kandoro, comedian and podcast host of the not-as-good Sadza In The Morning, blundered into our studio to foster disharmony & sabotage the good work that Dan & Phil were doing in bringing you a fresh serving of the only podcast that would make you sell your forex at 1:1.

The Jackie Mgido Episode

Attention all Instagram models, and the rest of us who comment with heart-eyes emojis on Instagram model pictures, we bring you a new episode of the podcast that makes you want to delete all your sub-standard selfies. Prepare yourself for a beat for the gods, as we sit with Jackie Mgido, prominent hair stylist and make-up artist in Hollywood, and founder of the brand Vault Cosmetics and Jacque Mgido.