All in 2BT Podcast

The Open Up Your Third Eye Episode

Our brothers and sisters from the motherland, open up your third eyes, decalcify your pineal glands and stay woke for the latest episode of the only podcast in Zimbabwe that goes well with peanut butter. Dan & Phil dish out the truth like hotep apothecaries, revealing what’s going on with the aftermath of Robert Mugabe’s death and more

The Kikky Badass Episode

Greetings to the Great Unwashed and hello to the hoi polloi, a brand new episode of the only podcast you can twerk to, 2 Broke Twimbos, is here, with Kikky Badass and packed to the brim with the exact scientific formulas and high philosophy you have come to expect from them.

The Sleep 8 Hours A Day Episode

Fellow candle-lighters and pedestrians, the 2 Broke Twimbos are back and complete once again in a new episode of the only podcast in Zimbabwe that has the label “Demotivational Speeches". Phil is back in Zimbabwe and the destitute duo delve deep into dialogue

The Asaph Episode

Finally! The 2 Broke Twimbos manage to cajole another hapless celebrity into the studio, with a brand new episode of the only podcast that is able to run on E40 petrol without damaging it’s engine, and this one is with arguably Zimbabwe’s current hottest rapper: Asaph.

The Top 50 List Episode

“So bad that it’s actually kinda good.”
”Turn that off”
and “Whats a podcast?”
These are just a few of the most positive reviews inundating 2 Broke Twimbos, and no doubt this latest episode will leave many more similar reactions from people of all walks of life.