The Susan Makore Episode

Comrades, it is a well-known fact that behind the influential celebrities and trending superstars, there are powerful forces maneuvering matters and bending us to their will. One of these forces in Zimbabwe is undoubtedly AB Communications CEO and National Arts Council Board Member Susan Makore aka Mai MaClouds.

The Vimbai Zimuto Episode

2 Broke Twimbos continues to blaze the way among Zimbabwean podcasts, and really in the world (or if there are any podcasts in space, the universe) as we bring you another episode, fresh from the oven, served piping hot, with none other than recent viral sensation Vimbai Zimuto.

The DJ Stavo Episode

Ladies and gentlemen, peasants and noble-folk, the long awaited showdown has finally hit your podcasting apps. In the blue corner, carrying a large wad of foreign currency and a set of DJ controllers, one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated mix DJ’s and producer of multiple hit songs, it’s DJ Stavo!

The We're Fighting For Our Lives Episode

We here at 2 Broke Twimbos know all about terrible interviews. After all, it’s what this podcast is based on. Imagine our utter dismay when, in a whole 2019, Jussie Smollett & R. Kelly have already tried to steal our thunder?? Notwithstanding that, we have a new episode out!