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The Mr Kamera Episode

My fellow Zimbabweans, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce to you all that we are still broke. But we as the patrons of struggle are comforted in the knowledge that you as our unfortunate readers and listeners are also reduced to such desperate measures as to look for our brand new podcast. While Phil languishes in misery in some South African prison, Danny managed to sit with one of the increasingly influential names in African music production, Mr Kamera.

The Thaiwanda Thai Episode

Friends, strugglers, comrades and coutrywomen. Oh sorry wrong speech, let's try this again. We come to you on this auspicious occasion to discuss issues pertaining to the podcastsphere. Once again we come to you live from Johannesburg sans Danny who is still battling furiously at the Registrar General's office, to bring you a new episode featuring one of Zimbabwe's most talented dancers, producers, writers, artist and dreadlock-haver extraordinaires. His name is Tawanda Mujaji, aka Thaiwanda Thai.