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LOCHNATION Interviews #SWF Founder Stephen Manzini

Soweto Fashion week is set to be held from the 26th to the 29th of November at the Soweto Theatre in Johannesburg South Africa.

Since Dan & I know absolutely nothing about fashion, a quick look at our #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) tagged pics will quickly prove this, we decided to get hold of a lady known for hob-knobbing with some of Zimbabwe’s fashion elite who has often set the innnaets ablaze with her taste in clothing – none other than Loch Nation (I call her Lordza for short).

Soweto Fashion Week

The third biannual Soweto Fashion Week (SFW) is set to take place from 28 – 31 May 2014 at the Soweto Theatre in Soweto, Johannesburg. Darling Hair will be the headlining sponsor of the event.