House Afrika Presents Legends Of House - Volume 1 Album Review

House Afrika Presents Legends Of House - Volume 1 Album Review

Legends of House Volume 1

Over here at 2 Broke Twimbos we are always looking for interesting, inventive & most importantly cheap ways to entertain our readers. In keeping with this theme we recently put the call out to secure the services of a House Music aficionado. After sifting through the responses we decided on the candidate we felt best fit our criteria (read willing to work for free).

The reviewer we have chosen is a house music expert & industry professional now based in a first world country, He has asked that we keep his identity a secret. Since "The Stig" was already taken, he has asked that we refer to him as "Rico Birdz - The House Addict" . 

As his first undertaking we asked Rico Birdz to review House Afrika's Legends Of House Compilation. So keep reading to see what the Mr. Birdz had to say & also get details of how you can win  a copy of this album.

Greetings House Nation,


This is the first installment in our periodic reviews of some of the best house music albums which will ever see the face of the earth, and we’re glad you could join us. Our aim is to spread the gospel of all things house so we, as house lovers may spread the word amongst others that there is music beyond Rock, RnB, Hip Hop and such and such…


The first album up is a compilation of killer jams which depending on the setting could be perfect in either situation. House Afrika : Legends of House Volume I is perfect for a lounge be it your own at home, or out and about if you like seeing the lights of downtown. Household names to aficionados have by order of the Gods made their way here to bless our eardrums ; Quentin Harris, Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer & Monique Bingham, to name but a few are now enjoying the fruits of their labour by minting their LEGENDARY status in house history with every copy produced.


On a personal level, my favorite setting to play this would be at a Braai / BBQ at medium to full blast volume, purely for the throwback factor. Whether you’re listening to this album for the first time, or whether you remember the original version of the track being played 10 years ago, one thing is for sure.

One could go as far as to say to beginners, this is the quintessential album for a quick background lesson in house. True, by the time the second disc starts spinning you’ll be a little overwhelmed at the soulfulness, but be strong…happy days are coming!

To the house veterans, every track you’ll be taken on a spiritual journey, usually to the past as far as throwbacks are concerned. When last did I hear this song!? Who was I with!?The questions will keep coming and 9 times out of 10, the story that follows will be, just as classic as the compilation. This album is CLASSIC. Special mention has got to go to Studio Apartments’ We Are Lonely mixed by Quentin Harris. What a jam! Definitely the TRACK OF THE ALBUM. Go ahead, give it a listen and let us know what you think.


Make no mistake. This is a solid album and well worth the money.


Walala, wasala! (You snooze, you lose!) 

Get Legends of House Volume 1 on iTunes here

To win a copy of Legends of House Volume 1 simply make sure you follow 2 Broke Twimbos on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Then tell us your favorite song off the project & which label the project was released under. It really is that simple. If you get it right you could stand the chance to win a free copy of the double album!

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