Neverland Zimbabwe

It was humid Saturday afternoon. Silly season 2013 had just begun & I was washing my uncle's Mazda 323 in the hope of securing some pocket money for the weekend. Things were bad back home in Mutare & I was forced to ride the family goat, Billy Dee Williams all the way to Harare in search of cash & Colcom pork pies.

While I aggressively scrubbed away the dirt on the ageing car, using only my tears as cleaning agent. I received a "please call me text" from Dan. After mugging the nearest airtime vendor & calling, I was told that Neverland Zimbabwe (a festival for people who like the music that sounds like Transformers having sex) was happening. 

Despite being broke, I whistled for Billy Dee & we were soon on our way to the venue, Old Georgians Harare.  Once there I was shocked, flabbergasted & dumbfounded to discover there were still so many white people in Harare. It was like discovering a white rhino sanctuary. 

The event was well organised with amazing acts throughout the day. My highlights were Mark Stent & Ricardo Da Costa. Rob Macson & Jason Le Roux  had impressive sets too that were on par with the international acts. The only glaring downside was the massive lack of local dance music available for them to play during their sets. 

There are a few producers & DJs coming up on the scene, but we certainly need a lot more. When you think about it, how many strictly electronic producers & Djs do we have in Zimbabwe?

Anyway. Great event. can't wait until next year. If somebody could please show this post to Jason Le Roux so I can get free tickets next year that would be just great.

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