All in 2BT Podcast

The DJ Stavo Episode

Ladies and gentlemen, peasants and noble-folk, the long awaited showdown has finally hit your podcasting apps. In the blue corner, carrying a large wad of foreign currency and a set of DJ controllers, one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated mix DJ’s and producer of multiple hit songs, it’s DJ Stavo!

The We're Fighting For Our Lives Episode

We here at 2 Broke Twimbos know all about terrible interviews. After all, it’s what this podcast is based on. Imagine our utter dismay when, in a whole 2019, Jussie Smollett & R. Kelly have already tried to steal our thunder?? Notwithstanding that, we have a new episode out!

The GZE Episode

Comrades and fellow victims of monetary policies, we bring you a freshly fiscalized serving of the 2 Broke Twimbos podcast, designed to skillfully unpack financial intricacies and knowledgeably provide insight on international economic trends, because in this episode we have the Zim hip-hop hustler GZE

The Valent-Nope Episode

The 2 Broke Twimbos are back with another insightful episode, expertly cutting away at the entertainment scene with the precision of a man in pain poking at a blister with a needle. With this romantic imagery firmly set in your minds, allow Dan & Phil to not care about Valentine’s Day