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The Go Zim Gems! Episode

We as Zimbabweans have been avid superfans of the esteemed sport of netball for centuries now, and this podcast is no exception. Comrades, we bring you a new episode of the only podcast dedicated to supporting the Zimbabwean national netball team currently representing us at the Netball World Cup

The 6 RTGS & A Dream Episode

Like a phoenix that rises through the ashes of the fire you started to do your cooking because there was no ZESA, the 2 Broke Twimbos return with a brand new episode of the only podcast that will make you pay for someone else’s food.

The ZimDollar 2: Bond Strikes Back Episode

Members of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire alike, after a week’s absence, we bring you a fresh new serving of the only podcast that is worth more in Zimbabwe Dollars than it is in US Dollars. The 2 Broke Twimbos link up again, illuminated by their now perennial candlelight to discuss the reintroduction of Zimbabwe’s own currency, the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, your church papas and their continued deviant behaviour, corruption in Zimbabwe as revealed by the Auditor General’s report and much more.

The Urus Episode

Pedestrians and kombi-takers, 2 Broke Twimbos is a podcast that prides itself on reminding you that we all have the same 24 hours, what are you doing with yours? They sleep we grind, blessed and highly favoured, when you do what you love you’ll love what you do, insert Gary Vee quote.

The Allez Allez Allez Episode

If podcasting were this year's Champions League, then 2 Broke Twimbos would be Liverpool! (That's the sound of Dan retching in the background) It's another episode of the only podcast Zimbabwean prisoners would listen to while watching Bev twerk!