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The Kazz, Jonah & Ba Shupi (Boomslang) Episode

The good news is we've managed hack our neighbour's new WiFi password. So this mean's we can bring you our new episode of the 2BT podcast, fresh from the poverty factory! The bad news is we have to be sitting in the tree outside to be able to get signal. Which is dangerous considering we have no medical aid.

Nonetheless, we got Mr. Boomslang inna di place! Also known as Kazz from Bkay & Kazz. Also, we have the 2006 winner if the Zimbabwean talent search show, A Academy, Jonah Sithole, or just Jonah if you will, currently an R&B artist based in Malaysia. And finally, for the second time, Zimbabwean artist and general all-round troublemaker Ba Shupi.

The Shoko Fallout Episode

We are back with another episode of nonsense, tomfoolery and shameless begs for loose change. This time we (that being Dan & Phil [that is to say he & I]) snuck into The Shoko Festival to see what all the brouhaha was about.