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The Jah Prayzah Episode

Go and tell on us to mama, because this time, we've gone on and done it. Arguably Zimbabwe's biggest musician right now, none other than Jah Prayzah has officially joined the illustrious roster of 2BT guests. Thanks to cunning promises of payment, we managed to trick the Zimbabwean superstar to getting into the studio then locking the door and forcing him to speak to Danny for over an hour before we let him out. Also in studio was Jah Prayzah's manager, Keen, who calmed down after threatening to have us sued. Listen in as Danny's Shona speaking skills are tested to the limit and Jah Prayzah delves deep into stories he admits he's never spoken on before, like his first live performance that had fewer people than a Donald Trump rally in Mexico, his embarrassing experiences leaving gigs in a kombi, his experiences overseas, controversies surrounding the Eriza music video and much much more. Also, Jah Prayzah officially and exclusively announces the name of his upcoming album for 2016 right here on this groundbreaking AWARD WINNING podcast. We end off the episode with Jah Prayzah's current single, Hello.Enjoy: