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The Open Up Your Third Eye Episode

Our brothers and sisters from the motherland, open up your third eyes, decalcify your pineal glands and stay woke for the latest episode of the only podcast in Zimbabwe that goes well with peanut butter. Dan & Phil dish out the truth like hotep apothecaries, revealing what’s going on with the aftermath of Robert Mugabe’s death and more

The Sleep 8 Hours A Day Episode

Fellow candle-lighters and pedestrians, the 2 Broke Twimbos are back and complete once again in a new episode of the only podcast in Zimbabwe that has the label “Demotivational Speeches". Phil is back in Zimbabwe and the destitute duo delve deep into dialogue

The Top 50 List Episode

“So bad that it’s actually kinda good.”
”Turn that off”
and “Whats a podcast?”
These are just a few of the most positive reviews inundating 2 Broke Twimbos, and no doubt this latest episode will leave many more similar reactions from people of all walks of life.

The Watch What Happens on Live Episode

Tally ho, ahoy and bonjour to all fans of one of the top 3 podcasts streamed by aliens studying human life. The 2 Broke Twimbos are back with another episode, brought to you across vast distances through the wonders of technology. First of all, apologies for missing the episode last week,

The Urus Episode

Pedestrians and kombi-takers, 2 Broke Twimbos is a podcast that prides itself on reminding you that we all have the same 24 hours, what are you doing with yours? They sleep we grind, blessed and highly favoured, when you do what you love you’ll love what you do, insert Gary Vee quote.