The VPN Episode

Attention comrades with internet connections! We bring you a special episode, shorter than most, and later than usual. We can explain. We had no internet. And this time, it’s not because of not paying the bill. Things are happening in Zim, and like most Zimbabweans, we just want to know what the facts on the ground are.

The Nutty O Episode

Comrades, as much as this new year was found in the second-hand pile, the 2 Broke Twimbos are back with an authentic fresh new episode to kick-start your 2019! Zimdancehall star and general of the new-school Nutty O sat down with the broke duo for a hard-hitting discussion

The Dakari Episode

The duo in debt is back, holding off the repossessions for another week, and bringing you another smash episode on Zimbabwe’s best-sounding struggle-based podcast! This time, Dan & Phil got to hob-knob with multi-platinum producer and sound-engineer Dakari, the man behind US rapper G-Eazy’s production.

The Leonard Mapfumo Episode

Ah who remembers the joys of the Urban Grooves days? We certainly do, after all we were the inspiration for such hits as Wanga by Afrika Revenge and Uriroja by Xtra Large. In our latest episode, we sat down with one of the biggest names from that era, none other than Leonard Mapfumo