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When The 2 Broke Twimbos Snuck Into The Davido Concert

Barely having any time to recover from the long tiring walk home from the Toni Braxton & Babyface show the previous night, Dan & Phil found themselves cutting a hole in the fence around Belgravia Sports Club to get into the Davido show. The pauperized pair arrived bright and early at 10:00pm, 7 hours after the gates were opened for the show.  It was apparent from as far as the Avondale area that the numbers at this concert were immense.

New EDM Festival Alert! Electric Arena 2015

Being big fans of any event that they can sneak into for free, Phil & Dan are extremely excited about the newest Electronic Dance Music festival in town, Electric Arena.

The brains behind this event is Zimbabwean EDM DJ & producer, Rob Macson (to listen to the Rob Macson episode, click here) who has called it Zimbabwe's largest indoor EDM festival. On the bill to perform are 4 international acts and 7 local acts