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Kazz AKA Mr Boomslang - Can We Make It Work (Video)

The posts have been slow we know, but that's because we'd been busy with intense choreography for our acceptance speech dance at the ZIMA Awards for Best Online Media. More on that later, but in the meantime let's catch up on the musics. Mr Boomslang himself returns with a love song about not having enough money to keep his girl happy, or something like that. We can relate.

VIDEO: Kazz aka Mr Boomslang Ft Sonni Balli - She's Worth It

Zimbabwean artist Kazz, formerly of the duo Bkay & Kazz, but now known as Mr Boomslang (who clearly thinks of himself as some sort of sex symbol), has officially released the visuals for his hit track “She’s Worth It” featuring Ghanaian Sonni Balli. Kazz clearly watched too many violent movies growing up as this new “music movie” features dark terrible themes like torture, betrayal, kidnapping, murder and women with bright red hair. It was produced and filmed by Boomslang Media in tandem with Chalky Videography and additional aerial contributions from Totally Inspired Media.