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The Full Shoko Festival 2015 Program

The full Shoko Festival 2015 program is available finally, and as the resourceful yet cheap mavericks that we are, we have managed to obtain it for you in full! Don't forget, it's $5 entry per day which gives you full access to ALL the shows on that day (a veritable fortune for us, but surely a pittance for you Mr Moneybagses out there) AND FREE on Saturday for the Peace In The Hood concert in Chitungwiza.

Indepen-dance Uhuru Concert Review

The moment the news broke that South African house sensation Uhuru were making plans to be in Zimbabwe for a concert, Phil & I were extremely excited. Mostly because we like crowds for non-pickpocketing reasons, but also because the music is cool and we had another opportunity to fund raise. 

Immediately, the "Get The 2 Broke Twimbos to Uhuru" fund was started up