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Bryan K - Forever (Official Music Video)

Bryan K has a new video out! The Heavy Machine hit-maker just uploaded the video to his 2017 single Forever. Why so long after the release of the audio? Well Bryan says that he had lost the video after he shot it last year, and has only just now found it sitting in the cloud.

Bryan K - Heavy Machine (Lyric Video)

Zimbabwean singer Bryan K (no relation to South African DJ Heavy K or singer Danny K) decided to try a different flavour with his new song, recruiting the production services of Reverb7 to craft one of Zimbabwe's biggest hits of 2016, Heavy Machine. Bryan, whose much hyped first album was full of slower tempo ballads, has clearly found a formula that works, and he has released the lyric video for the song. Check it out below, and shout out to all the dark-skinned, brown eyed heavy machines, 2BT loves you.