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Nadia Nakai Ft. Victoria Kimani and M.I. Abaga

South African-Zimbabwean rapper and all-round Dan crush Nadia Nakai has collaborated with Kenyan songstress Victoria Kimani and Chocolate city chairman M.I. Abaga for her latest release titled Best. In amongst all the braggadocio Nadia has become known for, she reveals several more personal issues including her anger at her estranged father, her anger at being compared to other people, her anger at people's view of her. Umm her anger really. Victoria Kimani and M.I. complete the track with a sultry hook and fire verse respectively.

When The 2 Broke Twimbos Snuck Into The Davido Concert

Barely having any time to recover from the long tiring walk home from the Toni Braxton & Babyface show the previous night, Dan & Phil found themselves cutting a hole in the fence around Belgravia Sports Club to get into the Davido show. The pauperized pair arrived bright and early at 10:00pm, 7 hours after the gates were opened for the show.  It was apparent from as far as the Avondale area that the numbers at this concert were immense.

Sha-Sha Feat. Cal_Vin - Miss Independent

The fact that you're on this blog means either you're a connoisseur of the finest things in life,  or we caught you with link-bait. Still still, this means we can introduce you to what could be Zimbabwe's R&B future. Her name is Sha-Sha & she was introduced to us by Audius Mtawarira & Yagidojo. Those are some pretty hefty cosigns, and they seem to have stumbled across a diamond. Check out her new track called Miss Independent featuring Bulawayo rapper and current hot topic Cal_Vin

Davina Green Feat. Tehn Diamond - Take You Away (Official Video)

"Pocket iri sexy iri green kunge Davina" - so said one Marcques once upon a time. Well Davina Green comes back with a video for her current single Take You Away featuring the clearly hard at work rapper Tehn Diamond. Acclaimed director Andy Cutta is behind these visuals and he puts together an impressive, clean video that, shall we say, shows Davina's good side. Which is all of her sides.